Charles C.N.  Wang
Name Charles C.N. Wang
Job title Vice Chief Sustainability Officer
Office Tel No. 04-23323456
Ext 1769(產學長助理)
Year Paper Title
2022 郭集慶(Victor C. Kok)、王昭能(Charles C.N. Wang)*、 Szu-Han Liao、 De-Lun Chen, Cross-Platform in-silico Analyses Exploring Tumor Immune Microenvironment with Prognostic Value in Triple-Negative Breast Cancer, Breast Cancer, 2022
2022 王昭能(Charles C.N. Wang)*、De-Lun Chen、Jia-Hua Cai, Identification of Key Prognostic Genes of Triple Negative Breast Cancer by LASSO-Based Machine Learning and Bioinformatics Analysis, Genes, 2022
2022 Yu-Hsin Chang、Hong-Mo Shih、Jia-En Wu、Fen-Wei Huang、Wei-Kung Chen、Dar-Min Chen、Yu-Ting Chung、王昭能(Charles C.N. Wang)*, Machine learning–based triage to identify low-severity patients with a short discharge length of stay in emergency department, BMC EMERGENCY MEDICINE, 2022
2022 Da-Chuan Cheng、Te-Chun Hsieh、Yu-Ju Hsu、Yung-Chi Lai、Kuo-Yang Yen、王昭能(Charles C.N. Wang)、Chia-Hung Kao, Prediction of All-Cause Mortality Based on Stress/Rest Myo-cardial Perfusion Imaging (MPI) Using Deep Learning: A Comparison between Image and Frequency Spectra as Input, Journal of Personalized Medicine, 2022
2022 林家葳(Chia-Wei Lin)、Hung-Yu Huang、Jeng-Hung Guo、Wei-Laing Chen、Hong-Mo Shi、Hsueh-Ting Chu、Tai-Yi Hsu、王昭能(Charles C.N. Wang)*, Does Weekends Effect Exist in Asia? Analysis of Endovascular Thrombectomy for Acute Ischemic Stroke in A Medical Center, CURRENT NEUROVASCULAR RESEARCH, 2022
2021 王昭能(Charles C.N. Wang)、Ren-Yi Kung、Nai-Hsin Pan、Pin-Chan Lee, Application of Deep Learning and Unmanned Aerial Vehicle on Building Maintenance, Advances in Civil Engineering, 2021
2021 Emily K. King、Ming-Han Hsieh、David R. Chang、Cheng-Ting Lu、I-Wen Ting、王昭能(Charles C.N. Wang)、Pei-Shan Chen、Hung-Chieh Yeh、 Hsiu-Yin Chiang、Chin-Chi Kuo(Chin-Chi Kuo)*, Prediction of non-responsiveness to pre-dialysis care program in patients with chronic kidney disease: a retrospective cohort analysis, Scientific Reports, 2021
2021 Shao-Hua Yu、Jia-Hua Cai、De-Lun Chen、Szu-Han Liao、Yi-Zhen Lin、Yu-Ting Chung、蔡進發(JEFFREY J. P. TSAI)、王昭能(Charles C.N. Wang)*, LASSO and Bioinformatics Analysis in the Identification of Key Genes for Prognostic Genes of Gynecologic Cancer, Journal of Personalized Medicine, 2021
2020 Yu-Ning Teng、王昭能(Charles C.N. Wang)、Wei-Chieh Liao、Chin-Chuan Hung, Caffeic Acid Attenuates Multi-Drug Resistance in Cancer Cells by Inhibiting Efflux Function of Human P-glycoprotein, MACROMOLECULES, 2020
2020 林軒任(Hsuan-Jen Lin,)、許承瑜(Phillip C-Y. Sheu)、蔡進發(Jeffrey J.P. Tsai)、王昭能(Charles C.N. Wang)、周哲毅, Text mining in a literature review of urothelial cancer using topic model, BMC CANCER, 2020
2020 Ying-TzuChang、Chin-Chuan Hung、王昭能(Charles C.N. Wang), Wilforine resensitizes multidrug resistant cancer cells via competitive inhibition of P-glycoprotein, PHYTOMEDICINE, 2020
2020 Chia Ying Li、Jia-Hua Cai、蔡進發(JEFFREY J. P. TSAI)、王昭能(Charles C.N. Wang), Identification of Hub Genes Associated with Development of Head and Neck Squamous Cell Carcinoma by Integrated Bioinformatics Analysis, Frontiers in Oncology, 2020
2020 王昭能(Charles C.N. Wang)、Jia-Lian Yang、Jia-Hua Cai、Che-Yi Chou、Yu-Chao Lin、Chin-Chuan Hung, Identification of GSN and LAMC2 as Key Prognostic Genes of Bladder Cancer by Integrated Bioinformatics Analysis, Cancers, 2020
2020 王昭能(Charles C.N. Wang)、Jennifer Jin、Jan-Gowth Chang、Masahiro Hayakawa、Atsushi Kitazawa, Identification of most influential co-occurring gene suites for gastrointestinal cancer using biomedical literature mining and graph-based influence maximization, BMC Medical Informatics and Decision Making, vol.208 no.(2020), 2020
2020 Hung-Chih Chen、Che-Yi Chou*、王昭能(Charles C.N. Wang), Association of diabetes, education level, and care dependency with use of temporary vascular access in patients with chronic kidney disease, SEMINARS IN DIALYSIS, 2020
2020 Ni Tien、Bang-Jau You、Hsuan-Jen Lin、Chieh-Ying Chang、Che-Yi Chou、Hsiu-Shen Lin、Chiz-Tzung Chang、王昭能(Charles C.N. Wang)、Hung-Chih Chen(Hung-Chih Chen)*, Repeated centrifuging and washing concentrates bacterial samples in peritoneal dialysis for optimal culture: an original article, BMC MICROBIOLOGY, 2020
2019 Ying-Tzu Chang、Yu-Ning Teng、Kun-I Lin、王昭能、Chin-Chuan Hung(Chin-Chuan Hung)*, Danazol mediates collateral sensitivity via STAT3/Myc related pathway in multidrug-resistant cancer cells, Scientific Reports, vol.9, 2019
2019 王昭能、Chia Ying Li、Jia-Hua Cai、許承瑜、蔡進發、Chia-Jung Li(Chia-Jung Li)*, Identification of Prognostic Candidate Genes in Breast Cancer by Integrated Bioinformatic Analysis, Journal of Clinical Medicine, vol.8 no.8 pp.1160-, 2019
2019 Chiao-YunChen、Yu-JungLin、王昭能、Ming-JyhSheu, Epigallocatechin-3-gallate inhibits tumor angiogenesis: involvement of endoglin/Smad1 signaling in human umbilical vein endothelium cells, BIOMEDICINE & PHARMACOTHERAPY, 2019
2019 Tsai-Sung Tai、王昭能(Charles C.N. Wang)、Yun-Ping Lim, Sesamin, a Naturally Occurring Lignan, Inhibits Ligand-Induced Lipogenesis through Interaction with Liver X Receptor Alpha (LXRα) and Pregnane X Receptor (PXR), Evidence-based Complementary and Alternative Medicine, vol.2019 pp.17-, 2019
2018 王昭能、Yun-Ping Lim, Ursolic Acid, a Novel Liver X Receptor α (LXRα) Antagonist Inhibiting Ligand-Induced Nonalcoholic Fatty Liver and Drug-Induced Lipogenesis, JOURNAL OF AGRICULTURAL AND FOOD CHEMISTRY, 2018
2018 王昭能、Yun-Ping Lim, Oleanolic Acid Inhibits Liver X Receptor Alpha and Pregnane X Receptor to Attenuate Ligand-Induced Lipogenesis, JOURNAL OF AGRICULTURAL AND FOOD CHEMISTRY, 2018
2018 Yi-Wen Li、Chung-Hsing Wang、Chao-Jung Chen、Yun-Ping Lim(Yun-Ping Lim)*, Effects of antiepileptic drugs on lipogenic gene regulation and hyperlipidemia risk in Taiwan: a nationwide population-based cohort study and supporting in vitro studies, ARCHIVES OF TOXICOLOGY, 2018
2018 Chen-Yuan Lin、Chin-Chuan Hung、王昭能(Charles C.N. Wang), Demethoxycurcumin sensitizes the response of non-small cell lung cancer to cisplatin through downregulation of TP and ERCC1-related pathways, PHYTOMEDICINE, 2018
2018 Ying-Tzu Chang、王昭能、Chin-Chuan Hung, Tenulin and isotenulin inhibit P-glycoprotein function and overcome multidrug resistance in cancer cells, PHYTOMEDICINE, 2018
2018 Hsiu-Ju Chen、王昭能、Chin-Chuan Hung, Taxifolin Resensitizes Multidrug Resistance Cancer Cells via Uncompetitive Inhibition of P-Glycoprotein Function, MACROMOLECULES, vol.23 no.12 pp.3055-, 2018
2016 鐘云隆(Yun-Lung Chung)、Chun-Hsu Pan、王昭能(Charles C.N. Wang)、Kai-Cheng Hsu、Ming-Jyh Sheu、Hai-Feng Chen、Chieh-Hsi Wu(Chieh-Hsi Wu)*、、, Methyl Protodioscin, a Steroidal Saponin, Inhibits Neointima Formation in Vitro and in Vivo, JOURNAL OF NATURAL PRODUCTS, vol.79 no.6 pp.1635-1678, 2016
2016 Dong-Zong Hung、Cheng-Li Lin、Yi-Wen Li、Yen-Ning Lin、Ying-Ray Lee、王昭能(Charles C.N. Wang)、Jih-Jung Chen、Yun-Ping Lim(Yun-Ping Lim)*, Association between antiepileptic drugs and hepatocellular carcinoma in patients with epilepsy: a population- based case–control study, Brain and Behavior, 2016
2016 D.-Z.?Hung、N.?Tien、C.-L.?Lin、Y.-R.?Lee、王昭能(Chao-Neng Wang)、J.-J.?Chen、Y.-P.?Lim(Y.-P.?Lim)*, Increased risk of chronic osteomyelitis after hip replacement: a retrospective population-based cohort study in an Asian population, EUROPEAN JOURNAL OF CLINICAL MICROBIOLOGY & INFECTIOUS DISEASES, 2016
2015 王昭能(Charles C.N. Wang)*、許承瑜(Sheu, Phillip C.Y.)、蔡進發(JEFFREY J. P. TSAI), Towards Semantic Biomedical Problem Solving, International Journal of Semantic Computing, vol.09 no.04 pp.415-431, 2015
2014 王昭能(Chao-Neng Wang)、張培均(Pei-Chun Chang)、吳家樂(Ng, Ka-Lok)、許承瑜(Sheu, Phillip C.Y.)、蔡進發(JEFFREY J. P. TSAI), A model comparison study of the flowering time, BMC Systems Biology, vol.8 no.15, 2014
Year Book Title
2021 蔡進發(JEFFREY J. P. TSAI)、王昭能(Charles C.N. Wang), Head & Neck Cancer and Esophageal Cancer: From Biosignatures to Therapeutics., Identification of Hub Genes Associated With Development of Head and Neck Squamous Cell Carcinoma by Integrated Bioinformatics Analysis, Frontiers in Oncology, Jan. 2021
2017 王昭能(Charles C.N. Wang)、蔡進發(JEFFREY J. P. TSAI), Semantic Computing, Use of semantics in bio-informatics, worldscientific, Jan. 2017
2017 王昭能(Charles C.N. Wang)、許承瑜(Sheu, Phillip C.Y.)、蔡進發(JEFFREY J. P. TSAI), Computational Methods with Applications in Bioinformatics Analysis, Semantic analytics of biomedical data, worldscientific, Jan. 2017
Date of Publication Paper Title
2022.11 王昭能(Charles C.N. Wang)、蔡進發(JEFFREY J. P. TSAI), A Model, Based Prognostic Predictor for Urothelial Bladder Carcinoma Through the Integrated Bioinformatics Analysis - 2022 IEEE 22nd International Conference on Bioinformatics and Bioengineering (BIBE), Nov. 2022, Taichung, Taiwan
2022.05 Chi-Yuan Lin、王昭能(Charles C.N. Wang)、Yu-Jen Wang, Aquaculture water quality prediction analysis using AIoT : Dissolved Oxygen for example , 13th Asian Fisheries and Aquaculture Forum, May. 2022, Taiwan
2021.12 Yu-Hsin Chang、Ying-Chen L、Wei-Kung Chen、王昭能(Charles C.N. Wang), Machine learning and natural language processing assisted triage for prediction of clinical disposition in emergency department , 2021 Asian Conference on Emergency Medicine (ACEM 2021), Dec. 2021, Hongkong
2021.04 郭集慶(Victor C. Kok)、王昭能(Charles C.N. Wang)、Szu-Han Liao、De-Lun Chen, Interleukin, 17 and cytokine-related signalings are determinants for tumor immune microenvironment in triple-negative breast cancer: in silico integrated analysis - 2021 American Association for Cancer Research, Apr. 2021, USA
2020.11 謝長倭(Chang-Wei Hsieh)、張文鐘(wen-thong chang)、王昭能(Charles C.N. Wang), The Preliminary Design of Water Quality Monitor System for the Ecological Pond based on LoRaWAN , IEEE International Symposium on Computer, Consumer and Control, 2020, Nov. 2020, Taichung, Taiwan
2019.10 林鴻志(Hung-Chih Lin)、吳嘉恩、王昭能(Charles C.N. Wang), A Smartphone App to Neonatal Jaundice Detection using Deep Learning Model , The First International Symposium on Future ICT (Future ICT 2019), Oct. 2019, Taiwan
2019.10 黃國書(Kok-Suh Wong)、蔡進發(JEFFREY J. P. TSAI)、王昭能(Charles C.N. Wang), Machine Learning Classification Algorithms on Treadmill Exercise Data for Predicting Significant Coronary Artery Disease , The First International Symposium on Future ICT (Future ICT 2019), Oct. 2019, Taiwan
2016.10 王經篤(Jing-Doo Wang)、詹雯玲(Wen-Ling Chan)、王昭能(Charles C.N. Wang)、張建國(Jan-Gowth Chang)、蔡進發(JEFFREY J. P. TSAI), Mining Distinctive DNA Patterns from the Upstream of Human Coding&Non, Coding Genes via Class Frequency Distribution - IEEE International Conference on Computational Intelligence in Bioinformatics and Computational Biology (CIBCB 2016), Oct. 2016, Chiang Mai, Tailand
2016.10 王昭能(Charles C.N. Wang)、張培均(Pei-Chun Chang)、許承瑜(Sheu, Phillip C.Y.)、蔡進發(JEFFREY J. P. TSAI), A Comparison Study of Reverse Engineering Gene Regulatory Network Modeling , The 16th annual IEEE International Conference on Bioinformatics and Bioengineering (BIBE2016), Oct. 2016, Taichung, Taiwan
2016.10 王昭能(Charles C.N. Wang)、李育良、許承瑜(Sheu, Phillip C.Y.)、蔡進發(JEFFREY J. P. TSAI), Application of Latent Semantic analysis to clustering of Cardiovascular Gene Ontology , The 16th annual IEEE International Conference on Bioinformatics and Bioengineering (BIBE2016), Oct. 2016, Taichung, Taiwan
Project Title Participator Period
藻類影像擷取與分析委託勞務 (11033078) 王昭能(Charles C.N. Wang) 2022.08 ~ 2022.10
專家資料庫主機系統開發 (11133010) 王昭能(Charles C.N. Wang) 2022.08 ~ 2022.11
綠色產業下的永續經濟創生研究(1/3) (111-2420-H-468-001-) 柯慧貞(HUEI CHEN KO)、王昭能(Charles C.N. Wang)、王志華(Wang,Chih-Hua)、林盈利(Lin, Ying-Li) 2022.08 ~ 2023.07
「地球.脈動中」生態與藝術特展之NFT宣傳 (11033115) 王昭能(Charles C.N. Wang) 2022.07 ~ 2023.05
心電圖病症臨床決策輔助系統IRB試驗 (11033114) 王昭能(Charles C.N. Wang) 2022.06 ~ 2022.10
藻類影像擷取與分析 (11033078) 王昭能(Charles C.N. Wang) 2022.05 ~ 2022.07
普適AI服務:數位轉型趨勢下的智慧型代理人--普適AI服務:數位轉型趨勢下的智慧型代理人(1/2) (110-2634-F-A49 -004 -) 曾煜棋(Yu-Chee Tseng)、王昭能(Charles C.N. Wang) 2021.11 ~ 2022.10
應用機器學習輔助急診科臨床處置分流 ( ASIA?110?CMUH?03) 王昭能(Charles C.N. Wang) 2021.09 ~ 2022.10
委託AIoT感測器資料整合與設計及水產養殖智能專家系統核心技術之系統設計與開發 (11033014) 王昭能(Charles C.N. Wang) 2021.09 ~ 2021.11
全幅電子病歷自然語言檢索與病徵主題建置系統:從出院摘要報告到護理紀錄 (110-2221-E-468-015-MY3) 許聞廉(Wen-Lian Hsu)、王昭能(Charles C.N. Wang) 2021.08 ~ 2024.07
下肢肌力訓練機HIS/FHIR軟體開發研究 (11033020) 王昭能(Charles C.N. Wang) 2021.07 ~ 2021.12
以電腦視覺即時辨認腦中風患者的臥床姿勢 (ASIA-109-CMUH-30) 王昭能(Charles C.N. Wang) 2020.11 ~ 2021.10
華岡保全WEB圖控物聯網平台開發專案 (I109IA094) 王昭能(Charles C.N. Wang) 2020.09 ~ 2020.12
跨場域多參數資料預測分析演算模型委託開發 (I109IA142) 王昭能(Charles C.N. Wang) 2020.08 ~ 2020.10
利用多組體學資料探討泛癌症之癌轉移特徵 (109-2221-E-468-013-) 吳家樂(Ng, Ka-Lok)、王昭能(Charles C.N. Wang) 2020.08 ~ 2021.07
應用人工智慧發展改善大學生科技成癮之個人化早期偵測與自我導向學習系統--子計畫三:人工智慧個人化自動偵測科技成癮技術II (109-2511-H-468 -004 - ) 薛榮銀、王昭能(Charles C.N. Wang) 2020.08 ~ 2021.07
神經網路用於醫學影像辨識癌症侵犯 (CMU109-ASIA-02) 王昭能(Charles C.N. Wang) 2020.08 ~ 2021.07
非接觸式雷達應用與智慧照護系統開發 (10833069) 王昭能(Charles C.N. Wang) 2020.06 ~ 2020.10
特定疾病影響因子關係規劃書 (10933101) 王昭能(Charles C.N. Wang) 2020.01 ~ 2020.10
使用機器學習預測急診部門之非計畫性回診 (ASIA-108-CMUH-18) 王昭能(Charles C.N. Wang) 2019.11 ~ 2020.10
跨領域電腦模擬開發內皮醣蛋白標靶藥物於婦女癌症的治療 (108-2320-B-039 -043 - ) 王昭能(Charles C.N. Wang) 2019.08 ~ 2020.07
應用人工智慧發展改善大學生科技成癮之個人化早期偵測與自我導向學習系統--子計畫三:人工智慧個人化自動偵測科技成癮技術 (108-2511-H-468 -002 -) 薛榮銀、王昭能(Charles C.N. Wang) 2019.08 ~ 2020.07
彰化銀髮照護雲計畫 (10833027) 王昭能(Charles C.N. Wang) 2019.06 ~ 2019.08
Award Name Awarding Unit
嘉獎-2022 A.I. Contest Cyborg Competition 趨勢科技
佳作 - 2021 民生公共物聯網資料創新應用馬拉松 科技部
潛力獎和人氣獎 - 2021智在家鄉 聯發科技數位社會創新競賽 聯發科技
亞洲矽谷智慧創新組第一名 - 2021全國大專校院資訊應用服務創新競賽 教育部
資訊應用組第一名- 2021 全國大專校院資訊應用服務創新競賽 教育部
最佳人氣獎-2021 第五屆全球華文永續報導獎頒獎典禮 財團法人TVBS信望愛永續基金會
金獎 - EST2021第28屆中華民國人因工程學會年會暨學術研討會 - 自動足部輔助訓練裝置 中華民國人因工程學會
銀獎 - EST2021第28屆中華民國人因工程學會年會暨學術研討會 - 智能水質監測系統 中華民國人因工程學會
績優教師-109年度大學社會責任 本校
第二名 - 2020年中科智慧創新創業競賽 科技部
優選-第二屆聯發科技「智在家鄉」社會創新競賽 聯發科技
優選-2019自行車產業數位轉型AI應用-鍛造數據分析競賽 請選擇
Best Paper Award of The First International Symposium on Future ICT (Future ICT 2019) Future ICT 2019
Category Course Code Course Title Year
大學日間部 EE300151A 雲端機器學習(就業) 112
大學日間部 XDU00272A 教育大數據實務專題 112
大學日間部 EB301045A 人工智慧概論 112
大學日間部 XDU00252A NFT加密貨幣概論 112
Year Research Title Authors
109 應用深度學習自動計算心胸比率於臨床判別 徐偉恩
109 應用機器閱讀和人工智慧探討老化基因與癌症生物標記的關聯性 楊柏芫
Year Project name Advising professor Department Student name
110 整合生物資訊與機器學習之技術探討膀胱泌尿道上皮細胞癌特徵基因 王昭能 生物資訊與醫學工程學系 余梓岑
110 應用深度學習輔助醫師辨認孩童頭顱 王昭能 生物資訊與醫學工程學系 謝季恩
109 以短片紀錄廢棄牡蠣殼之再生利用 王昭能 生物資訊與醫學工程學系 柳燕玲